Primary PE & School Sport

Handbook for School Staff and Coaches©

In the very busy Primary School or Academy environment it is often difficult for you as the Senior Leader or PE Co-ordinator to meet regularly with all your staff involved in PE and School Sport

Already a great success in many Primary Schools and Academies, The Handbook training resource has an immediate, positive impact on areas including:

  • Safe-Guarding and Safe-Practice
  • Provision of Staff CPD and Staff Development
  • Consistency and quality of staff practice and provision
  • Communication within and across the subject
  • Registering and Record Keeping
  • Organisation, planning and time-saving for staff
  • Quality Assurance and Monitoring
  • Data Collection and evidencing the impact of the PE and Sport
    Premium funding
  • Support for the Senior Leader and the PE Co-ordinator

Developed in partnership with Primary Schools and Academies to support all colleagues working in Primary PE and School Sport

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Effective Communication

Using this new resource all staff involved in delivering PE and School Sport in your school or academy will have their own Staff Handbook so you can support and communicate more effectively with them, including external coaches, to ensure that all staff:

  • Know, and follow consistently, the safe-guarding, safe practice and emergency procedures you have in place for PE and School Sport
  • Know, and apply consistently, your day-to-day routines, best practice and procedures to be followed in the planning, delivery and assessment for PE and School Sport

Simple Record Keeping

Because all staff will be using the same simple Record Keeping system and templates, all contained in their Handbook, including registers for Class PE and Sports Club Participation, this resource will help you to easily:

  • Gather participation data for National Curriculum PE and School Sports Clubs for every class to help you evidence the impact of the PE and Sport Premium funding as monitored by Ofsted

Easy Organisation

Because all staff will have an ‘Organiser’ section in their Handbook to keep their own PE and School Sport paperwork this will help them with their own organisation, and you to easily:

  • Monitor and quality assure the planning and assessments being made by your staff delivering National Curriculum PE, helping you to identify any staff support required

Our Primary PE and School Sport Staff Handbook resource and training tool provides a simple, cost-effective and time-saving solution to meeting all these challenges and many more, helping you to easily support all your staff by providing them with their own Handbook, bespoke for your school or academy.

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