The PE and Sport Premium

We are supporting schools and academies to meet the national DfE and Ofsted Requirements

The PE and Sport Premium funding is ring-fenced funding provided by the Government to support primary schools and academies to enhance the quality and range of PE and sporting provision and opportunities for their children.

Our Lead Adviser, Stuart Allison, was instrumental in developing one of the first national templates to support schools and academies to develop their action plan for, and review and evidence the impact of, their PE and Sport Premium funding.

Allison Consultancy provides the type of high quality support that Ofsted identifies, in their Briefing for Section 5 Inspection, as being an effective use of the PE and Sport Premium funding.

Not only does our support enhance provision and practice, but schools and academies consistently refer to our work when accounting for, and evidencing the impact of, their funding.

It is a statutory requirement of Ofsted, under their Common Inspection Framework, to ensure that information on the use of the Primary PE and Sport Premium is available the school or academy website and Allison Consultancy is well placed to support you with this.

We work closely with Headteachers, Principals, Governors and PE Co-ordinators to complete all the documentation required by Ofsted for inspection including the information for uploading to the school or academy website.

Working together we support colleagues to assess and evidence impact against the key national outcome indicators, accounting for the funding spend, and developing key actions to develop sustainability and improve further PE and School Sport provision.

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